Wish List

Below is a list of ideas, material, and existing plays I’d like to develop and direct. Please contact me so we can talk about them

Bruise & Thorn

by J. Julian Christopher

Bruise and Thorn work at a busted up old laundromat in Jamaica, Queens. Bruise dreams of becoming a chef and Thorn of changing the face of Hip Hop with his unabashed Queerness. When finances become strained, they get caught up in illegal activities sending them on a magical ride to make their dreams come true and get the hell out of Jamaica. Bruise & Thorn is an authentic look at a Nuyorican street family, not through bloodline, but rather the social and economic indicators that naturally selects them to one another.

CAST SIZE: 5, PREMIERE: Currently Unproduced

Silver and Richie are siblings without parents. As the two grow up, they cling to one another as each other's family, and help one another navigate their positions as social outsiders - Silver as a genderqueer weirdo, and Richie as a drug dealing gangbanger. In a parallel world, Bear is ousted from his tribe and through a gesture of filial piety, is turned by Hwanung, a gay Korean god, into a human woman. S/he is then coerced into being Hwanung's pregnant beard, and has Hwanung's child. As family bonds begin to disintegrate, and the god-world begins to crumble, Silver and Bear must redefine home for themselves, to find power through the magic of stories.

CAST SIZE: 6-8, PREMIERE: Currently unproduced

Moon Bear

a fantastical queering of a traditional Korean folktale.

by Nina Ki

querencia: an imagined autobiography about forbidden fruit

by Benjamin Benne

"q u e r e n c i a" (a Spanish word having to do with the longing to find or return to a place that feels like home) is a magical coming-of-age story about a young boy named Milo’s search for belonging as he grapples with friends, family, and his sexual identity, guided by a mysterious character called La Bruja.

CAST SIZE: 5, PREMIERE: Currently Unproduced

The Inheritance

by Matthew Lopez

You have to wonder why there isn't a word in the English language for the fireworks that go off in your brain when you finally kiss someone you've wanted for years. Or for the intimacy and tenderness you feel as you hold the hand of a suffering friend. A generation after the height of the AIDS crisis, what is it like to be a young gay man in New York? How many words are there now for the different kinds of pain, the different kinds of love?

CAST SIZE: 15, WORLD PREMIERE: Young Vic, London

Oskar is a bullied lonely teenage boy living with his mother on a housing estate at the edge of town, when a spate of sinister killings rock the neighbourhood.
Eli is the young girl who has just moved in next door. She doesn’t go to school and never leaves the flat by day. Sensing in each other a kindred spirit, the two become devoted friends. What Oskar doesn’t know is that Eli has been a teenager for a very long time…

CAST SIZE: 9, WORLD PREMIERE: National Theatre Scotland/Royal Court Theatre, London

Let The Right One In

by Jack Thorne

Based on the Swedish Novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist

When teenager Angelo Mendez decides to leave his home out of fear of further disappointing his homophobic father, he encounters a world he was not prepared for at an LGBT homeless shelter in Los Angeles. There he meets a fellow homeless teen who gives him a voice and unexpectedly introduces him to love. Angelo ultimately learns that all relationships, no matter how powerful, have an unfortunate time cap which he must cope with through his writing. A dark romantic comedy set in a homeless shelter. A story that is simultaneously gritty, sweet, funny, heartbreaking and real.


Swimming While Drowning

by Emilio Rodriguez

While painting The Birth of Venus, famed artist and bon-vivant Sandro Botticelli becomes entangled in sexual and political brinkmanship that puts a lot more than his masterpiece at stake. Caught in a web between the powerful Medici family, the Church, and his young lover, he must choose between art and survival.


Botticelli in the Fire

by Jordan Tannahill

When Mama Darleena Andrews--a 67-year-old, black, transgender woman--takes it upon herself to teach an etiquette class at Chicago’s LGBTQ community center, the idealistic teachings of Emily Post clash with the very real life challenges of identity, poverty and prejudice faced by her students. Inspired by the true story of Miss Gloria Allen and her work at Chicago’s Center on Halsted, Philip Dawkins' Charm asks--how do we lift each other up when the world wants to tear us down?

CAST SIZE: 9, PREMIERE: Northlight Theater, Chicago


by Philip Dawkins

Amidst the cluttered shelves of a family-owned general store in a small Black town that doesn't appear on any map, four lost souls reunite. Partnerships dissolve, alliances shift, and romances ignite as a tragic accident unleashes the town's mysterious history. Blurring the line between body and spirit, Good Goods is an otherworldly love story of the (dis)possessed.


Good Goods

by Christina Anderson

Twelve-year-old Caroline is a Hurricane Child, born on Water Island during a storm. Coming into this world during a hurricane is unlucky, and Caroline has had her share of bad luck already. She's hated by everyone in her small school, she can see things that no one else can see, and -- worst of all -- her mother left home one day and never came back. With no friends and days filled with heartache, Caroline is determined to find her mother. When a new student, Kalinda, arrives, Caroline's luck begins to turn around. Kalinda, a solemn girl from Barbados with a special smile for everyone, seems to see the things Caroline sees, too. Joined by their common gift, Kalinda agrees to help Caroline look for her mother, starting with a mysterious lady dressed in black. Soon, they discover the healing power of a close friendship between girls.

***This is a book I would like to adapt into a play. I have not been granted the rights at this time.

Hurricane Child***

A Novel by Kheryn Callender

Carlos Duarte knows that he’s fabulous. He’s got a better sense of style than half the fashionistas in New York City, and he can definitely apply makeup like nobody’s business. He may only be in high school, but when he lands the job of his dreams—makeup artist at the FeatureFace counter in Macy’s—he's sure that he’s finally on his way to great things. But the makeup artist world is competitive and cutthroat, and for Carlos to reach his dreams, he'll have to believe in himself more than ever.

***This is a book I would like to adapt into a musical. I have not been granted the rights at this time.

Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy***

A Novel by Bil Wright

Loosely based on the structure of Lanford Wilson’s A Balm in Gilead. Tonight there will be a celebration of queerness at a fabulous bar. Please ignore the rumblings on the outside—because tonight we are dancing to forget and be together. I’ve heard that this bar is becoming less queer by the day…

This is a devised movement piece with music and dialogue. Currently an idea that I would like to develop.

Untitled Queer Dance Party Play

Conceived by Richard A Mosqueda